Improving my photography with Meet the Blogger

When I heard my friends Tina and Jack Fussell were going to be teaching a photography workshop (with a styling section with Wendy van Woudenberg from BeeldSTEIL Photography and Styling) here in Copenhagen with Meet the Blogger I jumped at the chance to attend. I am inspired by Tina and Jack’s journey to become successful photographers and, as I really want to learn more about using a ‘proper’ camera, I thought this one day class would be perfect.

Once we had learnt some technical stuff (which was just what I needed) we were able to photograph a real life model. I thought this would be the hardest part of the day but actually I loved it and was pleasantly surprised at the results I produced. The technical learning came into play but it was great to photograph someone who knew what they were doing.mtb modelWe then visited the amazing VIPP flagship store for a lesson in photographing styled settings. I found this rather frustrating but although I didn’t like what I produced I again learnt more about my camera.

We were then let loose back in the teaching rooms to try our hand at styling our own table top using fabulous Muuto products and photographing it. This was more my speed and I enjoyed it.mtb table top

Finally the day ended with a visit to the exquisite Hay House and some more photography practice.


It was a really well organised day and I met some interesting people. I enjoyed the day and felt I learnt a lot about using my camera but I was worried that I became too fixated with using the machine rather than my eyes and heart, but I do still want to conquer my camera. I think a combination of the two is the way to great photos.

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