My pick of coffee table magazines

I am not sure if it was the fact that these thick coffee table book style of magazines were simply not on my radar or that there are more of them now but I have switched my loyalty from monthly magazine (in the main) to these quarterly publications. They can seem expensive at around 150kr but that is only 50kr per month, the same more or less as a monthly magazine. I find that monthly magazines, with the exception of interior ones, are not really aimed at me anymore. But I love the in-depth articles in these quarterly magazine  and also the amazing photography.

So let’s curl up with a cup of peppermint tea and will share my four current favourites…coffee table and mug

Oak -The Nordic Journal is a newcomer to the scene with its first volume published this year. It is a celebration of all things Nordic. It is a mix of words and pictures about art, design, music, food, traditions and new innovations. The look and feel of it is very Nordic Noire but at the same time has a fresh face. I have been trying to make it last until the next issue but everything I have read so far has been fascinating. A must for anyone living in the Nordic countries or an interest in the Scandi lifestyle.

Kinfolk Magazine is probably one of the most well know of this genre. I hear people saying it is over rated but I still love it. The photographic portrayal of the ‘Kinfolk’ lifestyle is so aspirational but at the same time, I feel, it is accessible. The current issue (no 11) has recently been published and I just got my copy today. It is themed around the concept of home and is full of yet more fascinating articles I need to ration myself with.

I bought my copies of Oak and Kinfolk in Thiemers Magasin on Tullinsgade.CIMG5956Fricote is a bilingual magazine, slimmer than the other three here, written in French and English. It is, I suppose, a food magazine, but not as we know it. Funny, quirky and at times so downright bizarre that I am not sure I always truly understand it but I love it nonetheless. As an example the current issue features a series of photos of famous chefs and their signature dishes created from 3D printing. Get your copy in Magasin.

I discovered Cereal in Sticks and Sushi and immediately wanted to get my hands on a copy. Each volume picks a type of food – in the case of volume 4 grains and the current issue honey and explores this in detail. There are then travel sections dedicated to specific cities or places, which again are explored in-depth. I love the sense of immersion with this publication.

coffee tables 1Other similar publications I enjoy are Darling and The Alpine Review. Do you have any favourites to recommend?



  1. I love magazines but like you I am struggling to find ones I feel are aimed at me these days. I love buying French and Danish mags not to read but for the pictures! Think I will have to try and get my hands on Oak, it sounds amazing!

    • I love French magazines too. As I teenager I used to love looking at the all the French fashion magazines they had in our school library – it made me feel so sophisticated.

  2. I have discovered a really good Australian magazine called Frankie. It’s aimed more at people living in Australia but there are really interesting international articles in it too.

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