Roxy in Frederiksberg

Walking along Godthåbsvej in Frederiksberg you can’t help but notice a big red sign shouting ROXY. You can see it from a long way away and it is a bit disappointing to discover it hangs over a Netto supermarket. But it is a historic remnant of an important part of the history of Frederiksberg and Danish cinema and I am delighted that it still hangs there in all its retro glory.


The 970 seat Roxy Theatre opened in December 1928 with the showing of Marrokkaneren (The Moroccan). The following year at Christmas, Roxy was the first cinema in Denmark to show a ‘talkie’ – The Jazz Singer. The cinema continued to be popular until 1975 when the owner at that time started to show porn films, much to the opposition of the local residents. The cinema was shut down by police following live shows. It soon became a regular cinema again under new ownership but with only 903 seats it wasn’t viable and in 1977 it finally closed its doors as a cinema and started its current life as a supermarket.

I love a bit of history with my groceries!


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