Christiania Christmas Market

After many years of meaning to go to the Christiania Christmas Market held in the Grå Hal (Grey Hall), a magnificent former dressage hall, I finally made it yesterday. Toadstools at Christiania Christmas market

The market is often likened to an Eastern bazaar and it is indeed very busy and colourful. Some of the stalls sell the usual things you might see at a craft style market but there are a number of very quirky and different things, such as these handmade wooden toadstools. Many stalls are run by residents selling their own creations.

The atmosphere is friendly but it is pretty busy and was jammed with people when we went (there is often a queue to get in) so was a bit overwhelming for my son. It was hard to get any decent pictures as it was very busy and not enormously spacious but I think these give you an idea of it. There are food stalls around the sides of the market and there is live music most days.Christiania market

The market is smoke free and even if you are not a regular visitor to Christiania, I would recommend coming to this market. Like most things in Christiania, it is very unique and different.

It runs until the 20th of December and opens at 2pm on weekdays and 12 noon at the weekend and is just inside Christiania, close to the 9a bus stop Bodenhoffs Plads. Space is tight inside so there is pram and buggy parking outside. Take cash as most stalls are not equipped for Dankort. For more information their Facebook page is the best place to visit.


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