Salad vs Sweets

I find that there are sometimes very strange contradictions in living here in Denmark. On the whole there seems to be a huge awareness of healthy eating which seems to be adopted by many people and made easier by the green keyhole symbol on foods. 
But here are two big contradictions in the case of foods here. 
Copenhageners seem to be crazy for salad bars. Within a ten minute walk of my apartment I think there are at least five of these shops, selling delicious salads to take home and they are always very busy. A reflection you would think of the healthy eating ethos here. They are also very affordable, tasty and on the whole vegetarian. One point for healthy eating…
But equally popular and prolific are the Slik or sweet shops. Huge emporiums of pick and mix wonder. Normally very cheap and offering a wonderful mix of chocolate, liquorice, fizzy, jelly sweets to name a few. One point for unhealthy eating…
So it seems that the two cancel each other out? I certainly enjoy both places equally and it seems so do my fellow Danes and in moderation the sweets are OK and coupled with a big bowl of salad even better.

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