After The Hive

I have just returned from the second Hive – European Blogging Conference with a lot more information than when I left and I am feeling inspired to develop this blog even further. There were a number of amazing speakers but I think my favourites were Jenni from Museum Diary, Tina from Travelling Mama and Luisa Weiss from The Wednesday Chef. They are all great success stories in their different blogging fields and it was amazing to hear their enthusiasm and advice. It was also great to connect and reconnect with a number of creative bloggers.
There was a lot of very useful technical and behind the scenes things to learn and I hope I have time to start putting some of this into action. A tiring but inspirational weekend.

The conference organizers, Yvonne and Peggy, had thought of lots of quirky little touches – like the cloth map of Europe to pin business cards to – and the decorations were beautiful.

After a bit of postal drama with my chosen Conference dress from Margot of MWM Wear, I was delighted to wear the lovely dress on the first day of the conference to lots of compliments. If you saw it and liked it, check out Margot’s website to see the whole of her collection. There are only ever 300 dresses of each design created and she sells in many Scandinavian countries and Holland.


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