The Danish love affair with liquorice

I thought I liked liquorice as much as the next person until I came here and the next person was a Dane. The Danes seem love the stuff to an insane degree and not just as sweets although that goes without saying. You just have to look at the sweet counter in the supermarket to see the vast selection that is available. And its not only sweet stuff, there is the Finish style salt liquorice. I can’t put this flavour into words – you just have to try it.
There are biscuits flavoured with it and even ice cream. I can still remember the time when an American guest of ours chose ice cream in one of the many delicious ice cream scoop shops across the city. She looked at one and thought it was Oreo cookie flavour – oh how wrong she was. Yep, you guessed it – liquorice! I did feel sorry for her, but her face was a picture with that first lick!
But a visit to Magasin this week yielded a new slant to the whole liquorice and the Danes relationship. Lakrids, the licorice specialist, had a selection of beautiful free recipe cards. My son asked to have some to take home. I absentmindedly took a few for him and later looked that them in detail. Lakrids sell a selection of liquorice powders and the three recipes were liquorice porridge, a salad with liquorice dressing and a liquorice cocktail. If this sounds good to you, they have even more recipes on their website. All joking aside this website is great especially the history of liquorice section.  There may is something in this liquorice and cooking idea – maybe I will try some of the more tame recipes and become a true convert.

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