Sunday Stroll – Landbohøjskolen Haven, Frederiksberg

The romantic Landbohøjskolen Haven (Garden) on Bulowsvej in Frederiksberg is without a doubt my favourite park in Copenhagen. When we first lived here it was minutes from our apartment and we called it ‘Our Park’.
It is part of the University and the buildings around it house the veterinarian and horticulture departments. The garden is maintained by ground staff and students and is home to a beautiful selection of plants and trees. In Spring and Summer in the part of the park alongside Bulowsvej, there are season appropriate displays of plants (above tulips) put in by the staff.
There are also wonderful displays of natural flowers in Spring and Summer (pictures below).

There is a lovely duck pond in the centre of the park and, although some parts of the grass are off limits, there are spaces here under the magnolia trees to sit and enjoy the sun. The garden is bike and dog free.
The second part of the garden, closer to the Green Cycle Route on Grønnegårdsvej, has an ordered kitchen and flower garden and is again a lovely spot to walk around and relax on the benches (below).

 The last thing that makes the garden perfect is the Væksthuset cafe housed in the greenhouse in this part of the garden,  a lovely place to enjoy a cold drink as the evening cools.

I love this place!


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