We ♥ Christiania

A morning exploring Christiania was a two year old might not be something that every mum would do but I would recommend leaving any preconceptions at the gate and delve into the wonderful space there. Once you get past the first part of Christiania known as Pusher Street you and your child will experience a beautiful car free environment, which if it wasn’t for the Freetown would be another area of modern apartments.

It is rare to find yourself in the countryside in the centre of Copenhagen. Yes, we have many beautiful park spaces where children can enjoy open space but the element of exploration that opens up in Christiania is a completely different experience.

During our first few visits I felt that we were just missing all the good stuff. Yes, we saw the quirky and unusual houses tucked away up little paths but I felt that we were on the cusp of something much better. So we bought a map from the stall on in the market square (you can also get one from the on line shop http://www.christianiashop.dk/guide_to_christiania-p-48.html), looked on Google Earth to get a real feel of where things were and then we went back.
This time we visited the horse stables (where older children can ride ponies and horse for a small fee), walked along the water enjoying the quiet and finally found our way to the children’s playground right by the water. My son loves the freedom Christiania gives him. He can walk on roads without either of us worrying about cars, his senses are bombarded by nature in all its glory, the air seems fresher than in the city parks and plus he sleeps so much better after a morning here.

I have never encountered any unfriendliness in any of our visits in fact the opposite and I have never felt unsafe. There are a lot of dogs not on leads but again I have found they are more interested in their own business than us. I must admit I don’t linger on Pusher Street (but then I never have done) and we normally visit in the morning when the place is just waking up.
So get armed with a map and explore something very special and unique.

NB I wrote this article in 2011.

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