Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

or the more things change, the more they stay the same….

A person who cares…

I think this expression sums up how I feel about coming back to Copenhagen after about fifteen months of living in Berlin. There are small changes here and there that I notice – new shops, cafes and bakeries – which is exciting for me to explore but also little things that frustrate – like the removal of cash points I used to rely on. But in the main it almost feels as if I have never been away – the lovely Per is still selling the Danish version of the Big Issue outside Rema 1000 at Forum and still smiling, I see a lot of the same faces around and it delights me that people still remember me. People are helpful to me and kind to my son. There are smiles around and despite the fact I can speak Danish, it is lovely that people are willing to speak English when necessary. Someone once asked my husband why we like living in Copenhagen as opposed to Berlin or the UK and his answer was ‘people care’.

Of course nowhere is perfect but I love that small town feel of Copenhagen and am relishing it.

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