Work with me

I have a number of requests to visit places or try services and then write about them here on my blog. I love to support local businesses and I can offer to write a sponsored post about your service.

My readers are engaged and interested in all aspects of life in Copenhagen but especially traditions, food, Danish design and interiors and my thoughts and observations about daily life here.

They come to my blog for an upbeat look on life and, like most bloggers, they see me as a friend who is sharing great things with them. I have mentioned a few books and I have had feedback from readers that they have purchased them after reading my reviews, likewise after a review of a new cafe in my neighbourhood many readers then visited it and loved it. If I genuinely believe in something so will my readers. You may not reach millions of people by working with me but the people you do reach will be truly interested.

I can offer sponsored posts, giveaways, reviews and guest posts.  Collaborations will be tailored to your needs and how they fit with Dejlige Days. Do get in touch and we can discuss it further. As an example a sponsored post that requires me to travel to somewhere in Copenhagen, take photos and then spend time writing the post and promoting it via social media would start at 1000dkk.