Cherish – installation in Marmorkirke

Browsing through Instagram at the weekend I saw a number of people posting about a cherry blossom installation in Marmorkirke, close to Kongens Nytorv. It look like just the antidote to the early autumn blahs of unpredictable weather and dark mornings.

I have to say the pictures I saw before I went and, if I’m honest, my ones here, do not do it justice. The interior of the church (with the largest church dome in Northern Europe, I do believe) is always breathtaking but the addition of these beautiful and peaceful pink flowers elevates this. 

Cherish is an installation from an art PhD student from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Veronica Hodges, who has used 14,000 paper flowers as a comment on climate change (you can read more here in Danish)

The installation will be in place until 21 October and is open during Kulturnatten on Friday 12 October.

But for now I will let the flowers do the talking…

And a little video

Cisternerne – Jeppe Hein “In is the only way out”

As we all know this summer has been a scorcher but if you want to cool down and relax I can recommend the current exhibition at Cisternerne in Sondermarken. It is created by Jeppe Hein and called In is the only way out.

IN IS THE ONLY WAY OUT is a total installation taking up the 4320 m2 of Cisternerne and inviting the visitor onto an underground journey from the darkness into the light, on the way experiencing both challenges, surprises and disorientation. The cold and moist climate of Cisternerne forces itself on you and insists that you are present in the now. In the same way, Hein’s artworks enable visitors to feel: I am right here right now.

In the first room of the exhibit, the underground stillness is torn by the violent sound of a flame activated when a visitor approaches. When moving deeper into the underground the visitor is met by a series of round, rotating mirrors which heightens the sense of disorientation found among the dark colonnades.

Deepest within Cisternerne, a concert takes place. Every visitor activates a sensor sending a ball on a dynamic route through the colonnades where it hits Tibetan singing bowls on its way. The more visitors are present in the room, the more tones sound at any one time. The tunes connect the visitors who, unconsciously, create music together.

With this exhibition the artist unfolds a general theme: to be able to experience the light, you sometimes must confront and overcome the darkness: IN IS THE ONLY WAY OUT.

Above taken from the Cisternerne website

I found the Tibetan singing bowls remarkable and found myself going into a very relaxed state. In fact I could have stayed there all day. The exhibition runs until the 30th November and there are a number of exciting events scheduled in the space – this is the link to the event page but be aware the events sell out fast.



Mario Testino at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND

Over the summer I took an hour or so to myself and went to see the Mario Testino exhibition at  Kunstforeningen GL STRAND in the centre of Copenhagen. I have always been an admirer of Testino’s work. How could forget the amazing images he captured of Princess Diana shortly before her death? There were many images in the exhibition I was familiar with, especially those of Kate Moss with whom he has had a long history of photographing over the years but also many new ones. I particularly love the royal shots of both the British and Danish royal families – giving them a real human face.IMG_5468IMG_5460

The selection of images in the exhibition vary from location to location and I loved the selection here. Testino had a real talent in making his subjects look beautiful in an unconventional way. The image of Sienna Miller below is a far cry from her usual boho chic look and is completely captivating.IMG_5463

As is this one of Reece Witherspoon (who must have been standing on a box under that fabulous dress!). The little girl inside me yearns for a dress like this.


I have so many favourites from this exhibition and I would love to go again before it finishes on 18 September.