Day Trip by train to Växjö, Sweden {video}

We took an SJ train from Copenhagen Central to Stockholm. We changed at Avesta to get to Växjö as we particularly wanted to travel on this train due to its climate-friendly credentials (see more here). You can take a straight through to Växjö on an Ørsundstag train, which is cheaper. We did this on our return journey. We also prebooked our breakfast, which I probably wouldn’t do in the future.

Where we went in Växjö

Good Shop

Kafe de Luxe

Småland Museum including the Swedish Glass Museum

Broqvist is the oldest patisserie in Sweden and was founded in 1876. Descendants of the founder Johan Broqvist still run it today.

It is worth noting that one of Sweden’s biggest food events takes place in Växjö. Every September, Växjö becomes a national meeting place for locally produced, small-scale and sustainable food.

Check out my Sweden playlist here

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