Lockdown in Copenhagen – Walk around Nyhavn and trip on the harbour bus {video}


We are still in a hard lockdown here in Denmark. It feels like every day is the same with homeschooling, household chores, work at home and regular walks around our neighbourhood, the beach (which is a saving grace), and the supermarket.

My son finished early on Friday so we masked up, kept away from people (but as you can see there were not many people around, Danes are taking lockdown seriously) and went into the city. We had a walk around Nyhavn, Copenhagen Harbour, the UNDERSTANDING art installation by Martin Creed, had a ride on the harbour bus to see the sunset. Then we saw the outside of the vast vaccine centre Bella Center (we are not due ours for many months).

Read more about the vaccine centres here and here

Hope you enjoy this short glimpse of lockdown streets in Copenhagen. Please do consider subscribing to my channel.

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