Practical Apps to make your life easier

Using a multitude of different apps on your smartphone opens up many opportunities in Denmark and since I last wrote about these a few years ago there are so many more. I have included a summary of the ones I think have the most practical uses.

Where I can I have linked to the website of the provider so you can choose the app appropriate for your device. Where that wasn’t possible I have linked to the iPhone app (if you use Android or other you can search in your own app store).


Rejseplanen  – with this app you can plan your journeys on all public transport. You can switch to English in the app.

DOT Billetter app  buy your public transport tickets on this app as well as your commuter card.

Taxa– If you are concerned about saying your street name when booking a taxi this is the perfect app. You can order a taxi and also pay using the app.

EasyPark – another one for drivers, you can pay for your parking using this app and it also lets you know when you need to return to your car. You can also add extra time to your parking from the app so no need to return to your car.

Donkey Bike hire – bike sharing scheme.

Drive Now car sharing  – this is the car sharing scheme we use but you can see other options here.

Note: Ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft do not currently operate in Denmark, despite what you may have heard. Love or hate them (I’m in the latter camp), there are a number of e scooter companies operating in Copenhagen. There are rules around using these, which you can read here.


MobilePay – you can use this to pay for goods etc in some shops and also to pay other people directly from a secure app. All you need is a Danish bank account and a mobile phone number. You need a CPR number to use this app.

Dankort App – the Dankort app to be able to pay using your Dankort via an app. Some supermarkets now accept this rather than MobilePay.

Personal banking app – most banks have an app for your banking. Rather than list them all here just pop over to your bank’s website and find the app there.


Eboks– Check your Eboks on the go with this app plus loads of new services.

112 app – with Denmark’s official 112 app, you can start a call to the alarm center and simultaneously send the mobile’s GPS coordinates so the emergency services can find you quicker.

Aula – if your child is in the public education system this will be the way the school, parents etc will communicate with you. The system is very new and only in Danish.

NemId app – this is a digital supplement to your NemID key card which makes signing into banks, public sector website etc so much easier and more secure.


PostNord Track your parcel  –this app lets you track your parcels coming via PostNord.

DMI Weather– This weather app is specific to Denmark so should be accurate, or as accurate as weather forecasts ever are!


Medicinkortet app -with this app you can see all your current and closed prescriptions as well as your child’s ones. – this is an app which gives access to your medical records including test results.

There are loads of other medically specific and also regional based apps which you can see here.


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