Join Green Bike Tours this summer and see a different side to the city

Over the Easter weekend I was invited to join The Sustainable Walking Tour in Cool Copenhagen by Green Bike Tours. I have been following them on Instagram for a while so I was delighted to join.

The walking tour took just over two hours and was in the old city centre. With our guide we discover why Copenhagen is one of the best places to live, and how this relates to its green and sustainable initiatives. We experienced the classical highlights and hidden gems, and we able to relate history, culture and future policies to the three pillars of sustainability – environment, social and economic and touch upon the relevant Sustainable Development Goals from UN at each stop.

The premise behind Green Bike Tours is to explore Copenhagen and Malmo from a green and sustainable perspective. The tours are for individuals or groups and the tour guides are experts in the field of sustainability. On the tours you get to see how the cities are working to become greener and to further the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN (read more about these here and you will start to notice the logos everywhere around the city in government, cultural and educational establishments). It also helps individuals get inspiration about how to live more sustainably.

The tours focus on the urban design of the future – sustainable solutions, bike culture, renewable energy, smart city solutions, green roofs, water management, energy efficiency in buildings, mobility and recycling. And how cities plan to lower their carbon emissions and become carbon neutral.

These are not your usual tourist tours but I loved the tour and, although I am very focused on the issues covered already, you don’t need to be to get a lot out of the tours. I think it is great that there are tours available which are opening people’s eyes to the sustainable work going on in Copenhagen as well as seeing parts of the city not normally covered on the stereotypical walking and cycling tours.

If you fancy reading more about the tours pop over to their website here and you can book a tour by clicking on the image below*


*affiliate link

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