Exploring Frederiksberg

I thought I’d go into some more details about the places featured in this video. So in order of appearance, here we go.

We start in Værnedamsvej, which is also know as Little France. This street is full of many French inspired shops and cafes as well as some really interesting boutique. In the video and here I share my favourites but I would urge you to explore yourself to find your favourites.


This is a really gorgeous little cafe on Værnedamsvej. It does get busy and it isn’t possible to reserve a table but it is definitely worth it. The decor Granola is inspired by the 1950s and also has a little bit of a French vibe, especially on the menu. The brunch menu is delicious as are the milkshakes.


I have been a fan of this shop for a long time. I love the combination of new interior pieces and the vintage items they have. Everything has been selected and curated with an enormous amount of care and taste. Every time I go in here I want to buy everything! Such a wonderful place to buy something unusual for your home.


This little florist located under one of my favourite murals in the city is an oasis of beautiful flowers and plants. I love how they really capture every season with the flowers they have. This is a real Instagram pretty spot.


Whilst Danish fashion is often very monochrome this little clothing boutique breaks to norm on this. They clothes are bright and funky but not just for young people. I bought a jumper from here a few years ago and I wore it constantly. It was a bit more expensive than I usually spend on a top but the cost to wear ratio was extremely high!

Central Hotel and Cafe

This tiny coffee shop has only five seats and upstairs in the city’s smallest hotel with just one room, the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Unique and usual, a great place to stop off for a coffee.

Next we move onto Gammel Kongevej or the Old Kings Road. Hundreds of years ago this was the carriage route to the King’s country residence but now is a thriving street full of businesses. There are a lot of new and fashionable places opening up. In some cases they have replaced older established places which have sadly closed down due to aging owners or lack of interest in the kind of business , which I think is a shame new places are unlikely to have the same kind of longevity.


This is a charity shop which is looking at tackling how secondhand clothes are sold. Run by the Salvation Army, they sell high end secondhand clothes at realistic prices. So you can get your hands on a Ganni dress for 350dkk rather than the original price of three times that. Bargain for the customer but also a win for the charity. The thing I like best about this place is the repurposing of old clothes. Sometimes they have donations which have wear and tear which means they can’t really be sold as they are so the volunteers and staff here take the good parts of the fabric and create amazing bags and other items from them.

Vinstue 90

This brown pub (one in which you can smoke) has been here since 1916 and the owner tells me he’s not planning on going anywhere soon, despite various offers to buy the place.  It attracts a very mixed bag of local residents and is something of a treasure in the street. If you don’t want to sit inside they have a small outside seating area where you can enjoy a slow beer (something this place is famous for).

Alhambravej Antikvariat

This is a tiny secondhand book store just off Gammel Kongevej. It is really eccentric and a little spot of nostalgia.

PrikThis Aladdin’s cave of toys is just such a delight. It reminds me of a shop in London’s Chelsea that my Nan would take me to in the early 1980’s called Tiger Tiger. This place sells the kinds of toys that adults remember and that children of today still get joy from. There are dressing up clothes, toy kitchen paraphernalia, handmade dolls clothes and tons of sparkly things. I love that they have lots of little pocket money bits and bobs.

Sans Souci

This is another old establishment in the area, having been here since 1902. They have very old advertising painting on the outside covered with perspective to protect them from the elements. The restaurant offers traditional Danish meals and a lovely places to experience this kind of food and drink.

Sticks and Sushi

This is one of the ubiquitous sushi chains but my favourite location. I live just around the corner when we first moved here and I have many memories of this place from sitting here in those early days watching Danish life go passed, to introducing my son to sushi aged 7 months, his fifth birthday celebration here to the less fun experience of him starting to have an adverse reaction to his MMR vaccination whilst we were collecting a takeaway.

Creative Space

This was the original location, which opened in 2011 of this lovely ceramic painting cafe. Unleash your creativity here and collect the finished item a week later. Also now in Østerbro and coming to Århus soon.


Another place with a soft spot in my heart. This unique coffee shop opened in 2013 and has quickly become a jewel in Gammel Kongevej’s crown. The coffee and food here is wonderful but it is the atmosphere that makes it special. The decor is inspired by the parlour of the matriarch, Maude, from the popular Danish TV show Matador. It is unapologetically feminine but so cosy.

Finally we head to some of my favourite green spaces. First the small park by the Rådhus named after the founder of Tivoli, Georg Carstensen. This place was where my son learned to ride his bike, laid in the sun when he had chicken pox and needed some fresh air away from the general population, built snowmen and enjoyed the late spring blossom whilst listening to the bells from the tower at the Rådhus, which marked his bedtime at 8pm.

Then onto Frederiksberg Have and the secret garden of Haveselskabets Have.

You can find all the places here on this map.

I hope you enjoyed the video and this little personal run down.






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