Hot Pot Republic pop up

It was my birthday last month and my husband really did well in his choice of restaurant for my birthday celebration. 

Hot Pot Republic is a pop up restaurant currently located in a back yard of the trendy cocktail bar Lindkoeb on Vesterbrogade. I was aware of the concept of hot pots (and no not Lancashire ones!) and really wanted to try one.

So what is hot pot? This is a popular Asian food concept where all the diners gather around a steaming pot of broth (kept warm on a mini gas hob) and cook raw foods such as meat, wontons, veggies, tofu etc in the delicious broth. In Hot Pot Republic we chose the mighty meat menu and were presented with a mouth-watering selection of foods as well as a divided broth pan with a spicy broth and a normal savoury one. There is a guidance sheet letting you know the recommended timings in the broth for each type of food to ensure it is cooked through. You can, of course, build your own hot pot.The food was amazing and my eight year old son loved it. Although the food is Asian the atmosphere couldn’t have been more hyggeligt! The pop up is carrying on until the end of July and you can find out more here.

Checking out their Facebook page I can see Hot Pot Republic are currently working on a permanent location to which I say ‘hurrah!’ Follow them on Facebook to make sure you know when they open up their permanent sight.

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