My new book “Moving to Denmark – All you need to know”

Throughout this year I have attended a number of conferences, masterminds and training sessions as well as belonging to a fantastic online business community. As a solopreneur (not sure I like that word but it defines what I do) it is important to invest in yourself. I don’t have colleagues to bounce ideas around with so above are the ways that help me stay fresh and inspired.

A theme running through these sessions this year is that people felt I should write a book specifically about moving to and living in Denmark. There is nothing like this out there but my research tells me that people are searching for this information a lot, both as a book or just general information. Add to this the huge amount of misinformation available online – either in good faith or from people who want to mess with you a little – I felt this was something I should do.

So my second book (you can order my first, more general, book about relocation here) is going to be call “Moving to Denmark – All you need to know” and quite frankly it will do what it says on the tin. I didn’t want a fancy or clever title, just one that reflected what the book will offer you.

I have opened the book up for preorders and it will be published in late spring 2018. It will be a Kindle book first and then a hard copy depending on interest. You can preorder it via my website and in late January it will be available for preorder on Amazon. If this sounds like a book they would interest you please do preorder, if you think a friend or colleague would find the book useful then please do share this post or the link to the preorder with them.

Pre-order here….

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