Tips on how to be a better tourist

I know that tourism is very valuable to cities but as a resident of a popular tourist city it can get a little tiresome when the city is full of tourists who seem to have not experienced humans en masse before. Every summer I find myself grumbling under my breath when yet another tourist has knocked me heavily with their giant ‘day’pack, stopped dead in front of me as they suddenly look at their phone or take a photo with an iPad. I become what the Brits would fondly call Victor Meldrew so I thought why not take the grumbling to a new level and write about it on The Huffington Post! Just to say I do practice what I preach when a guest in another city!

You can read my moans here! 

On another note about the summer, the school holidays started here on Friday and my son proudly finished Year 1 with a great school report and sense of tiredness. We have six weeks off and plan to relax as much as possible (I’ll still be taking relocation clients during this time so do get in touch if you need to) but I will be popping up here on the blog as and when the whim takes me. I’ll return to regular posting in August.

In case you think its a bit quiet here you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (where I post up new blog posts).  Have a great summer!

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  1. Good advice! I love taking photos, but I try to limit myself so that I am not just taking photos. I want to really experience the places I go, and I sometimes do spend too much time behind the lens. I’ve thought of trying to limit the number of photos I take in each place so that I’m more thoughtful about taking photos. It kind of worked on the last hike I went on.

    I felt that a lot of expats that I got to know while teaching English in Seoul just wanted to travel to check a box, get a passport stamp, and have bragging rights.

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