Where to have a decent breakfast for a good price

If you watch a Dane eat breakfast it often contains the same elements – bread or a roll (rundstykke) with a slice of cheese and jam (yes together), maybe a boiled egg, coffee and a fruit juice. Sometimes a pastry but this is often reserved for weekends. Many of the city’s cafes and coffee shops have made eating this kind of breakfast even easier by having little set menus you can choose from. In many cases they offer pretty good value and also alleviate the need to make too many decisions before that first or second coffee of the day!

In this post I am going to talk about these quick breakfast plates rather than more brunch type ones you find in places like Mad og Kaffe.

Here is a round-up of some of my favourite spots to have a little breakfast combo but as I say most coffee shops have some kind of breakfast plate available – look for morgen complet, morgenbræt or just morgenmad on the menu.

First is an exciting discovery in the Lagkagehuset at Nørreport, opposite Humac (I’ve not seen this in other locations). This breakfast plate above consists of an egg or omelette with loads of lovely fresh toasted bread, cheese slices, jam, avocado smash and some fancy salt. The coffee and juice are extra. The breakfast is around 50dkk and will certainly give you a good start to the day.

Next is Baresso (locations all over town) with this plate above where everything is included in the price of 69dkk. You can choose two things to go with the roll and butter is not an automatic addition to the plate but your coffee or tea is part of the deal.

Another place I like is Kaffeplantagen on Enghave Plads in Vesterbro. They have a few morgenmad plates to choose from. The one above is the basic one with a roll and two pålæg not including the butter this time. I am delighted that they have little jars of traditional English marmalade and you can get a slice of chocolate as one of your toppings – always a winner for me. I think the coffee is included.

Honourable mentions go to places such as  Original Coffee, Andersens and Riccos, but like I say this breakfast plate idea is super popular at the moment so pop into your local coffee shop and you may certainly get lucky.

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