Five finds at Finderskeepers

At the weekend I went along to Finderskeepers, design market, this time at the Grøntorvet in Valby. I am a fan of Finderskeepers and I have spotted a lot of the now popular designers such as Nur there before they made it big. I missed a few events as I had found I was seeing a lot of the same designers there. This time I was delighted to see almost all new designers. So without further ado here are the five that really caught my fancy.img_5928

First up is Mini Mexico. This Danish concept store producing unique Mexican inspired decorations. I loved them and found that they immediately made me smile. In what are usually white apartments here in Copenhagen these bright decorations will bring in just the right amount of colour and difference. They have a webshop here.


Next is a photographer I have been following for a long time on Instagram. Morten Nordstrøm has printed a number of his beautiful photographs, which he sold at Finderskeepers but there is a webshop coming. A number sold out on the day and you can see why – beautiful and unique compositions of this wonderful city. Follow Morten on Instagram here.img_5923

These smily faces are the two guys behind Dau-Daw. It is rare to see something that is really unique and the Mappa Mammalia collection is just that and I shall be certainly getting one on our new walls. I also love the pictographs. Definitely a brand to watch (I called it here!) Check out the webshop and keep them smiling!img_5927

We can all do with cloth bags for shopping, books and general junk. Show your allegiance to your Copenhagen neighbourhood by carrying your stuff in one of these bags by Aurelia. I’m loving the hipster and his burger for Vesterbro! Webshop here.img_5924

Finally another artist called Annette Boas. I didn’t get a shot of her stand but I had to bring this little fella home (who I can still convinced in a girl – slightly geeky on the surface with a streak of cool). I adore Annette’s detailed black and white illustrations. If you love this lovely owl you can get your own (or something else that grabs your fancy) in the webshop.img_5942

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