How was your summer?

Over here in Denmark technically it feels as if the summer is over. The schools went back today and since the first of August the weather has had a distinct autumnal feel to it. August is usually defined by rain and a little cooler weather as we head into the autumn.IMG_5360

Our summer holidays went both very fast and very slowly. We had an enjoyable two weeks in the US (and managed to avoid any discussions about the forthcoming Presidential elections), and then a visit from my parents. We managed a few day trips in and around Copenhagen which I shall share in the coming weeks. It was relaxing.

We were delighted to sell our apartment (pending paperwork) and are now seriously looking for our new home. We need to be out of our current place by the first of December so a move in November seems likely if we can find the right place.

I am in the final stages of production of my book – A guide to a successful relocation – which I hope will be available at the end of August. The manuscript of completed and proofread and now its time to hand it over to be formatted ready for production. I also need to decide on a cover design. It is scary that it is finally real and not just a collection of files on my computer. I will be having a low-key launch at the end of August or beginning of September and then it will be available for purchase.

On a less happy note I am looking at further surgery on my arm – sadly the saga continues. After a scan at the start of the holiday which shocked my doctors, it seems I have some free-floating fragments of bone with inflamed fluid around then, significant damage to my soft tissue and it seems that scar tissue is surrounding my nerve in my arm so they can’t tell what kind of damage the nerve has but it seems certain there is some. I have an appointment with orthopaedic trauma specialists at Rigshospitalet at the start of September and in the meantime I am managing my pain as best I can.

But for now it is business as usual here. I hope you all had (and perhaps are still having) a great summer!




  1. Hello Melanie. I have been following your blog since spring when my husband and I booked airplane tickets to fly to Copenhagen for the summer.
    I want to thank you for keeping the blog. It has been very interesting and helpful to us as visitors.
    For us the summer is not over. In fact we’ve spend the whole of July in KVH and soon we’ll go to Skagen for two weeks. We hope for good weather, so we can stroll the beaches, take long bike rides and picknick outdoors.
    I am a dietitian. I left a couple of comments before on your blog of which I actually regretted, because they contained some uninvited advice.
    You mention that soon enough your book is going to be published and I got goosebumps reading about it, because I am in a process of putting together files related to dietary treatment of metabolic syndrome and I am doing it without any idea of what is to happen to these files after. I have no knowledge of publishing process at all. I so want to “pick you brain” about it.
    Sorry about your arm. Hopefully you have treatment that solves all issues.
    Good luck with all.

    p.s. If you feel like sharing info on your publishing journey here is my e-mail:
    p.p.s. It’s probably very weird, but I am not using social networks, so e-mails is my only option.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I did see the previous ones and I think I must have just forgotten to reply. I appreciate any advice and I would love to know if you have any advice as to how my diet can help me with the nerve pain I am suffering at the moment. I find that I am very much lacking in appetite.
      I hope you get good weather when you visit – just remember to pack layers and you will be fine.
      Self publishing is certainly a learning curve and I am happy to share the process once I am at the end of it.
      Best wishes and thanks for your comments.

      • Alas, there is no diet to help with peripheral pain. Your pain appears to have a “mechanical” origin, not so much systemic inflammation.
        The only thing I can say is nutritional health overall helps during healing and rehab after surgery, so make sure to eat good quality wholesome foods (less junk and no juice or soda) including protein and maybe supplement with multiple vitamins. (Both in anticipation of the surgery and for as long as it takes to heal and hopefully beyond). Magnesium is a natural and mild muscle relaxant, so maybe supplementing with chelated magnesium could help if just a little bit. (Do not take magnesium oxide – this one does not absorb well and causes unpleasant side effects).
        Thank you for the weather advice for Skagen.
        Wish you a successful surgery and pain free life soon!
        Again best of luck with the book!

  2. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to new entries. I am so sorry that your arm is still a problem and I do wish you all success with the ortho trauma specialist. I have osteoarthritis so I can relate to dealing with pain – it’s a real drag.
    Good luck with the book and with the medical issues.

  3. So sorry Melanie to hear you need more surgery on your elbow. That came as quite a shock to me as I was hoping you were getting over the accident at last. Our Summer was obviously spoilt by Brexit. Went on holiday to Italy actually feeling ashamed to be British. Hopefully by the time I travel to Copenhagen for my Autumnal/Winter fix things may have settled down, including your elbow. Keep blogging Melanie and as one of the 48% remainers I may well be buying your book!

  4. Hi Melanie
    Huge congratulations on your book! Really looking forward to reading it. I’ve just cleared the starting blocks on a book myself, so I can well relate to the mountain you’ve scaled.
    Really rotten news about your arm though. Very depressing. Hope you see some improvement soon.

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