RIP Hall of Fame – last chance to see this urban legend

The semi legal graffiti gallery in Sydhavnen known as the Hall of Fame, behind the Dong power station at H.C. Ørstedsværket, is currently being demolished literally as I write. I took these photos yesterday as teams of workers cleaned the paintings off the walls and others were knocking them down. This place has been in existence since the 1990s and has amazing examples of proper street art.

The section below called Evolution was legally created by Ulrik Schiødt in 1999 and 2000. It originally was 170 metres long and shows evolution from the Big Bang to the Ice Age. The detail is amazing and there is a group of activists who are trying to save at least some of this. To find out more about this visit here and to watch a video made recently on the site here.

There is a sign propped up by a workman’s spade asking for the mural to be respected but judging by the effective speed of the workmen yesterday getting close to it, it will soon be almost completely destroyed. To see what it looked like before now visit the artist’s website here.DSC01708 DSC01709




As this area was a semi legal place for street artists and there was some previous commitment from the city to try to preserve it, it is a tragedy that Big Money is ripping it up to build more apartments. I understand we have a housing shortage in the city but there must be a way that the developers could have worked harder to keep this historic spot. The history of Copenhagen is a lot more than old buildings, pretty coloured streets and towers.

This weekend could be the last time to see this place , there is a tour organised by Urban Explorers on Sunday but you can easily walk here from Fisketorvet and see it for yourself if you want to go before that (here is a map to help you find it) If you do one thing this weekend visit here and at least preserve this small bit of originality and anarchy it in your memory as the south harbour slowly becomes homogenised !DSC01710 DSC01713 DSC01714 DSC01715 DSC01720 DSC01723 DSC01725 DSC01734 DSC01735 DSC01736

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