London Calling

Tomorrow I am heading to London for the day. I read recently that it was possible to get over to London very inexpensively for the day and I was quite disbelieving. However if you plan a bit in advance it is possible. I have been taking an online PR course (which I can heartily recommend) and at the end of the course the coach has invited all those on the course (as very small group) for Afternoon Tea at a lovely hotel in Covent Garden. I really wanted to go and I am! It’s a very long day (7am flight out and 7pm flight back) but it will have time to do a little bit of shopping, enjoy the Afternoon Tea and head back home.londonI am excited about it but also a little apprehensive. Whilst I have been back to the UK a number of times in the last eight years, it’s not been to London. Recently I saw a picture of a city skyline on Instagram and I thought it was somewhere like Hong Kong, so I was amazed to find it was London. I have never seen the Gherkin or the Shard and the skyline is unrecognisable to me.

The other aspect adding to my apprehension is the sheer busyness of London. Although Copenhagen is a capital city, it is tiny in comparison to cities like Berlin, London and Paris. So my plans are to stay small in London; a trip to a big bookshop, to a chemist and maybe to Liberty’s are on my agenda. I want to bring some of relaxed Copenhagen to London not to slot into a London frame of mind, especially on the Tube.

Also how to dress? I dress like a Copenhagener now both in style and in weather appropriateness. At the moment we are feeling the chill here but London is a whopping 14 degrees C, almost 18 degrees warmer than here! I think that layers are my friend! And I’m not sure that it is usual to wear trainers with regular clothes in London as it is here.

Add all this together with a different approach to Christmas in the UK, I am expecting a little bit of a culture shock! I look forward to sharing my experience here on my return. See you on the other side!

(Source unknown for the photo)


  1. Looks like we’re swapping cities, I’m off to Copenhagen tonight!
    London is definitely much more hectic than Copenhagen, especially at this time of year!
    Layers are always good and youll be glad to know that trainers with regular clothes are perfectly acceptable here too!
    Enjoy, I’m sure it will be nice, but you’ll be glad to get back to laid back and fresh Copenhagen.

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