More than a sticking plaster

IMG_1847So it seems that contrary to my deluded expectations, the removal of the smaller part of metal from my arm required more than a sticking plaster and a couple of paracetamol, hence the absence of posts here last week. I doubted anyone would enjoy the ramblings I would have produced last week.

DSC01244I get my stitches out today and hopefully the pain will reduce enough for me to sleep without medication and then its back to physio. Although this operation was planned and is a temporary setback, it seemed to hit me harder than the first one in terms of positivity but perhaps I should have listened to the more realistic voices around me about how it would be.

DSC01235Nonetheless by Friday I was starting to feel a little better after a good (medicated) night’s sleep and before the full effects of the morphine wore off I was able to enjoy a little walk by the harbour with my camera. Before the accident I had planned to take a ride over the new Cycle Snake bridge by Fisketorvet so I contented myself on Friday with looking at it and feeling envious of the cyclists whizzing over it. Hopefully I will be back in the saddle by Christmas.

New posts from tomorrow, I promise!


  1. I wondered what had happened to you, I hope that you will be feeling heaps better soon, meanwhile take care of yourself and keep on blogging. Jules
    PS love the photos

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