Islands Brygge harbour swimming pool

The summer is finally here and we have had a run of a few sweltering days (something that still pleases me about living here) and it is the perfect time for swimming in the harbour. I had an exploration morning in Islands Brygge a few weeks ago (more discoveries to share soon) and popped into the harbour swimming baths to take a few photos. Generally photography here isn’t allowed to protect the privacy of scantily clad bathers, but as it was deserted bar the life guards they were happy for me to take some, so please excuse the grey skies. I see on their website that there are sometimes slots available for photography so if this interests you keep an eye on it.DSC00984Even on a cold summer day, they tell me it gets busy in the mornings and after work when keen swimmers come to train. It was my first time inside the compound and it looked like to would be very inviting on a hot day. DSC00987The children’s pool has a base but is fed from the harbour and the deeper pool has a net across the bottom so you can’t swim out into the main part of the harbour. Definitely add this to your summer holiday to do list but be prepared to share it with many others on a hot day or get braver and come when the temperatures drop.DSC00986All the harbour pools are open until the end of August. For more information on opening times (they vary through the season) of this and other harbour pools visit their website here.


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