Copenhagen street style – black trainers

I often wonder where the street fashions I spot here start. One day you see a couple of people with one type of style and give it a few more weeks and everyone it at it. I read a lot of Danish fashion magazine but I don’t see these styles heavily promoted so it seems that it truly is the influence of street style (or the desire for homogeneity). Part of it, I suppose, is that we see a lot more of what people are wearing as the majority of people travel by bike so their clothes and shoes are on show rather than hidden in a little metal box of a car.

Whatever the reason the latest style I have spotted over the winter has been black trainers with or without white details. Nikes seem to be the most popular followed by New Balance (of course) and Converse (ditto) – the last two seem to be perennial favourite Danish trainersNew Balance, Nike, Converse, Nike (pink), DKNY, Samoa, G Star, Sketchers

I am in favour of this style for practical reasons (don’t show the dirt and puddle splashes as much as coloured trainers) as well as how great they look. Only downside is they are really not warm enough for the current temperatures. What do you think – thumbs up or down?


    • I did notice my style was very different when I was in the UK, especially the trainers with regular outfits. The UK work style is still quite formal compared to here.

  1. I’d like to see more colours in Danish style! A total black look is a great fashion choice only if you match it with spots (bags, shoes, collants, scarfs, gloves, etc.) of strong colours. I love black&dark red/bordeaux combination but also black&white or black&deep blue it’s ok.

    • Its not always totally black, there is grey too! I agree colour is good but I find myself shying away from anything too bright nowadays. Pop in for Monday’s post for some colour though! Have a great weekend.

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