My own Squirrel Nutkin

I write a lot about life in the city here but one of the things that I love is just how much nature there is around you here. We have a huge magpie nest in the tree opposite our dining room window and it is fascinating watching their behaviour as they make their new home and defend it from invaders. The one thing that I had never really considered when I moved to mainland Europe was the different colour squirrels. I grew up in rural Kent and I spent my childhood watching the huge grey squirrels that lived in the woods behind our house. I used to read Beatrix Potter books and I loved Squirrel Nutkin and wished that I too could see little dainty red squirrels.

When we first moved to Copenhagen I actually gasped with delight when I first saw a red squirrel in the Landbohøjskolen Have. It had really never occurred to me that there were no grey squirrels in Europe and that all the squirrels I would now see would be the ones I dreamed of as a child. I am truly six years old inside as these lovely little fellows with their tufty ears still delight me every time I see them.

CIMG6017 CIMG6019 CIMG6041

Today I decided to take my camera with me when I dropped my son off at school with the intention of capturing some spring flowers but I was lucky enough to find the least camera shy squirrel ever and managed to get some amazing pictures of him as he enjoyed his morning nut. I hope these make you smile as much as they do me.

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