This Weekend

The weeks seem to be passing at lightening speed at the moment but hopefully that means the summer will be along soon? Some news for the coming week, I have been invited to take over the Expat in Denmark instagram feed so look out for me over there sharing my view of Copenhagen for a week.

this weekend

Lots of great stuff around on the internet this week…

I really must give making my own granola a go.

This looks so decadent.

I love making paper flowers , lots of inspiration here.

As usual Sandra hits the nail on the head.

I can get enough of these two chocolate blogs (here and here) and I need their book, like, now. If you are in Copenhagen you can also see Maja ( making gluten free ice cream waffles in the window of Social Food on Gammel Kongevej on Sunday plus you can get free ice cream. More info here.

If you love Garance this you will want to get your hands on this, I know I do.

Getting into the Danish rainbow and this is a new edition to my spring wardrobe. Très jolie, n’est pas?

This beauty is on my wish list.

Great thoughts about kids in museums.

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.

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