COVID-19 Antibody testing now available at pharmacies

For those of us who thought we had contracted COVID-19 before there were robust testing in place in Denmark now is the time to find out if you did in fact get the virus.

Antibody tests are now on offer in pharmacies in the Copenhagen area (correct at time of writing). You are given the test in the pharmacy with trained personnel and the result is ready in just 10 minutes. You can drop in without an appointment to get the test. It costs 299dkk. The test involves a drop of blood taken from your finger, very much in the same way an infection test would be done with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

To be clear it is a test to find out if you have had the virus not if you think you currently have it so anyone with symptoms or who has been in contact with an infected person within the last 14 days should not get the test done at the moment.

Whilst the test shows if you have the antibodies in your body and with many other viruses this would indicate an immunity to the virus in the future, with COVID 19 being such a new virus experts say it is unknown how long antibodies to COVID-19 stay in the body and whether they protect against future infection. Even if you get a confirmed positive test you should still adhere to the safety guidance at the time.

The test used is approved for sale in the EU and has been tested by an independent research group from Uppsala University in Sweden. As there is still a small margin of error with positive results it is recommended that anyone who gets a positive results gets a confirmation of this from a doctor, but the pharmacy will give you advice if this is the case.

This website gives all this information and more as well as a list of the pharmacies offering the test. They say there are more locations being added all the time but currently the list only covers Copenhagen and the Greater Copenhagen area.

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