Midsummer in Denmark – Sankt Hans Aften 23 June

 You may have heard people talking about Sankt Hans Aften (St John’s Eve) or seen posters advertising events for the evening of the 23 June. It is the midsummer celebration in Denmark, which is typically marked by the burning of huge bonfires with a witch atop close to water. Across the beaches and lake areas on this evening there are big public and private gatherings with speeches, picnics and traditional songs which culminate with the burning of the bonfire.

It is a little confusing for some people from outside Denmark as the summer solstice is celebrated in astronomical terms on the 21st June. In Sweden midsummer is celebrated on the Friday or weekend closest to the solstice, and Danes and Norwegians will observe it on the 23rd.
Last year due to the hot weather and drought bonfires were banned on Sankt Hans Aften but this year they will be going ahead as normal.
There are plenty of places to celebrate this year but here are a few picks-
Sankt Hans Aften at Ofelia Plads in the harbour {link to Facebook event}
Sankt Hans Aften at Refshaleøen {link to Facebook event}
Tivoli will also be holding a Sankt Hans After celebration {link}
Sankt Hans Aften at Amager Nature Centre (close to Vestamager metro) {link to Facebook event}
There is always a great event in Frederiksberg Have {link} and on the Lakes.
These are just a few places but you can find your nearest one by searching for Sankt Hans Aften 2019 on Facebook or Google.

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