Finderskeepers – my highlights

I have been going along to Finderskeepers design market since it started a few years ago and I always find it such an inspiring place. It is hard for new designers to showcase their work and this place opens that wide open. There are a number of designers that I recall seeing and buying things from that are now super successful such as Nur. It is also a great way to spot emerging trends before they are fully grown, probably even more so than at the more official design shows. Themes I noticed were more earthy colours, plants (particularly succulents which still seem to be having their day), colourful clothes and leather work. There were also a number of stands selling products directly aimed at men.

Over the last few Finderskeepers I had started to notice there was a very dominate theme of graphic designers so it was refreshing to see this weekend’s market featuring a little more diversity. There were also a few innovations on the organisation which much improved the experience. Firstly the Finderskeepers people walking down the queue scanning e-tickets and stamping hands so once the doors opened people who had pre bought tickets could go straight in. The addition of food stands from Kødbyen food market was a great touch and I can heartily recommend hotdogs from Foderbrættet. Finally there was still a separate section for clothes but it was nice to see more fashion designers amongst the design stands.

So these were my particular favourites from the market:DSC01283 Japanese inspired hanging plants from Planteplaneter. Perfect for high ceiling apartments and by all accounts they are pretty easy to keep alive.DSC01290 These absolutely divine silk kimonos from Sissel Edelbo. Judging by the interest around this stand it looks like the next trend here is actual real colour!DSC01293 More plants, this time amazing succulents from Kaktus København.DSC01300 Finally these amazingly simple yet stylish greeting cards (and other very beautiful calendars and to do pads) from Kartotek. I adore the coffee cup one, there is no way I am parting with that!DSC01305Finally I was delighted to find a ceramicist I once bought a spoon rest from back in 2008 at the market . It was very precious to me and I broke it last week so it made my day to find a replacement here. IMG_2042And finally the icing on the cake (groan) was to meet the amazing Cecilia Fahlström, the author of Copenhagen Cakes, a book I have been lusting after. With my soon to be sticky hands on the book, I was delighted that she agreed to sign my copy too. Watch this space to see more of this book and my baking adventure with it.

The next Finderskeepers takes place here in Copenhagen (there are also markets in Århus  and Odense) at the end of November, keep an eye on their website, Facebook or Instagram pages for more information.

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