Normcore or just Danish fashion?

At the weekend I found out that how I (and many Danes) dress has a name. My husband often asks how many grey T shirts, skinny jeans and grey sweatshirts one person needs but that has become my uniform. It makes getting dressed in the morning easy, I think it looks good and I can think about other things rather than a nagging question as to whether the colourful blouse is wearing me rather than the other way around!

normcoreI am a little late to the party but at The Hive Jana from the blog Plique spoke about sustainable fashion in an inspiring presentation. As part of this presentation she mentioned the term ‘Normcore’ which had been coined last summer by a New York trend forecasting group, K Hole and is a big influence on SS15 fashions. I googled this on Saturday and found a number of definitions –

“Self-aware stylized blandness”

“…plain t shirts, anonymous jumpers and sweatshirts, jeans – in shades of black, grey and white.”

“anti fashion return to basic clothing and simplicity”

“not minimalist but simpler and effortless.”

“not thinking about what is next in fashion”

“comfortable fabrics and neutral hues.”

Quite honestly you could take these quotes and tell someone they are about perennial  Danish fashion and no one would think otherwise. Danish fashion for many years has been about monochrome, simple styling and lack of obvious labels (although many do wear Scandinavian designer clothes) and it hasn’t changed a lot over the last seven years (or more). Quick guide to Normcore dressing – black backpack, grey cardigan, sneakers, grey t shirt, check shirt, slouchy trousers and skinny jeans (this is unisex).

There is an idea that Normcore is also about dressing ‘like a dad’ but I guess this is a more extreme and more self aware version of the style. In fact I thought our neighbour downstairs dressed odd but now I see he (by intention or otherwise) is full on Normcore – that is when he goes out, the odd glance in his window suggests that he favours a more au natural approach at home!

So are your dressing Normcore without realising? Check this link of the 20 essential items of Normcore style to see how many of these items you own and regularly wear – my score was 17 out of 20 so it seems I am Normcore all the way!  Share your score in the comments, I would love to know!


  1. I hope one of your 17 items is not those snow-washed jeans – unless you were planning to play guitar for Bon Jovi circa 1986 (says she who rocked a pair like that back in the day).

  2. I believe you automatically get influenced as you stand out in bright here!! I think due to the amount of woman working, cycling and having a brood of children to look after, it makes sense to dress so easily!! Since having my Daughter 3 years ago I have found the style has crept upon me….it’s so much easier to climb/chase around the playground dressed this way!! However a flash of warmth and spring in the air makes me want to go shopping for color! I think I am a Normcore winter Mum??

  3. I think my score is 3 (Kanken backpack, parka, Birkenstocks). My wardrobe is mostly dresses/tunics with leggings and cardigans. Btw, in our house dad likes to dress in three-piece tweed suits 😀

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