Brødflov – organic loveliness in Frederiksberg

Every morning I cycle along Falkoner Alle and for as long as I can remember there has been a big florist on the corner of Hostrupsvej. It was somewhere I would infrequently stop for flowers but always liked the display outside. I went away to Florida for ten days and then had my mum to stay for another week and the next time I cycled along here I did a double take – in the place of the florist was a new coffee shop, which looked pretty well established. Had I entered an alternate universe?brødflovIt seems not and there is now a great addition to the coffee shop scene in this area which is quite dominated by Danish chain coffee shops and bakeries. Brødflov was first here in 2013 as a bakery at number 34, which is still in operation across the street from the coffee shop at number 36 and in November in the space of just over two weeks they converted the florists into an operational bakery and spacious coffee shop with long trestle tables, and a bright, inviting interior. All the food and drinks are organic and delicious. They are baking bread in the original bakery and cakes in the coffee shop, both in open bakeries so you can see them at work.DSC00308

It has been a learning curve for them. When I first came in here they were serving food on little white, heavy ceramic chopping boards and the drinks in cute little white beakers. These are no longer in use as despite how good they looked, the staff found the plates too heavy and impractical and the cups couldn’t take the heat. In have come Weck jam jars and environmentally friendly recycled materials for the plates – all equally pleasing.DSC00313

I have mainly eaten breakfast in here and it was lovely. Crumbly croissants with Skagen ham and Danish cheese and the skyr with their own made lemon curd (which can be purchased from their bakery) have both been winners for me. My son, the hot chocolate aficionado, has given theirs the thumbs up.  This place is shaping up to be a notable addition to this area.DSC00317

brødflov bakery

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