Copenhagen Skies

I have a thing for skies. I remember blue skies of summer from my childhood, when I would lie on the school field and gaze up at the clouds high above. Copenhagen opened up a real surprise skywise for me. I read about how changeable the weather is here, I think the expression in the guidebook was ‘four seasons in one day’, but I did not expect how the sky would be so spectacular here.

This picture was a typical view late on a Summer’s evening from my old apartment, I think my iPhoto files are full of this type of shot and it never got old for me. Look at the pale blue sky and the pure white little cotton wool balls of clouds with the sun setting behind the university building.

This next one almost fooled me it was spring – sadly not, minus 5 but look at the vivid blue sky with not a cloud in sight.

Finally, the end is nigh! We were walking to the Little Mermaid with my father in law a few years ago. We left Kongens Nytorv in the bright sunshine and  about ten minutes later this arrived – ten minutes (and a massive downpour later) the sun was shining again.

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