Get a new {green} hair colour for the autumn at Kesh!

As the days getting shorter and darker, and that the winter will soon be here, it seems the perfect time to be inspired by autumn colours and get a new look.

We need this a little more this year with spectre of COVID 19 still hanging over us. Many people are starting to feel fatigued after over six months of the pandemic. Whilst we can’t do anything about the world situation we can do something to cheer ourselves up and at the same time support local businesses, such as hairdressers, that were impacted by the lockdown earlier this year.

With this in mind, why not do what I did a few weeks ago (you can watch my Vlog here) and get a whole new look for the autumn?

I had my hair done at a really peaceful and zen salon called Kesh, a green salon just on the edge of Frederiksberg and Nørrebro at Ahlmannsgade 1 kl. The location is easy to get to a few minutes from the metro stations at Nuuks Plads on the Ring Line. I like to take some peaceful time during my days, and going to a relaxed place to get my hair done is very important to me. 

As a Green Salon, Kesh is regularly certified by Grøn Salon Skandinavian. Thi organisation verifies that Kesh only use tested, approved, environmentally-friendly and sustainable non-hormonal products that do not contain carcinogenic substances or allergens.

As Kesh does not use harmful chemicals in their hair colour, you will find that your hair becomes stronger and healthier after a colour at the salon. The hair colours act like a treatment which makes the hair beautiful and glossy. All the dyes used in our colours are approved by SCCS (European Committee for Consumer Safety).

The salon, of course, follows all the current COVID-19 guidelines and rules from the Danish Government.

You can find out more about the salon and to book an appointment on their website

*this is not a sponsored post.

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