Try Kvansus, ethical hair products at Kesh

Increasingly more and more of us are trying to adopt a more plant based or vegan diet but there is more to this lifestyle choice than simply what we put in our mouths. Many people’s motivation for going plant based or vegan is protecting the environment. As many regular readers will know this is something that has concerned me for many years and it is positive that more people are taking steps to change how they live to have a positive impact on the environment as we are faced with an unprecendented environmental crisis.

As well as eating or consuming fewer animal based products other ways we can help the environment is by consuming more organic and locally produced products as well as examining the packaging those products come in.

I was delighted when I went for a recent haircut with my hairdresser, Sharon, in the certified green salon, Kesh, to see they are using a Danish brand of products called Kvansus, which ticks all those boxes as well as being very allergy friendly, which for someone with a very delicate scalp is essential for me.

Kvansus products are developed and created in a factory outside Århus from an ancient Nordic plant call Kvan, which for the hair products is harvested in Greenland. It has healing properties and has been around in Denmark and Scandinavia for centuries. General knowledge quiz fact Vanløse (end of the M1/2 Metroline) is named after the plant!

Kvansus use no animal products in the production of the hair care range and they are not tested on animals. The company aims to reduce CO2 emissions by finding the closest suppliers and the electricity in their factory come from wind turbines and solar panels from Vindstød. The packaging is partially recycled plastic and cardboard and paper they use from from FSC certified sources

As they say every penny or Kroner you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in and I really feel that brands like Kvansus mean that we don’t have to compromised on our haircare choices if we want to make more ethical choices. I find it heartening that there are brands who are looking at all the ways they can help the environment beyond just the ingredients they use.

Before you buy any of these products why not head over to Kesh (which is located minutes from Nuuks Plads Metro station on the new M3 line) and book a haircut and ask them use the range on your hair. I’m sure, like me, you will be delighted.

*This is not a sponsored post.

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