Innersense – Organic hair products perfect for sensitive scalps

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be gifted* this wonderful selection of hair products from an American brand called Innersense. They have just launched into the Danish market and my friend Sharon Hatting from the green salon Kesh (check out my previous blog about this and also their website if you are looking for a great hairdresser) connected me with them.

Innersense is an organic brand and the products are very gentle to both you and the environment. I have a very sensitive scalp and also very fine hair so I often struggle to find hair products that will make my hair look good but also not cause me to have a break out of scaly, itchy and sore skin.

Kesh use Innersense products in the salon and you can also buy bottles there to take home.

I wanted to actually use the products for a good few weeks before I wrote about them so I happy to report I am delighted with them. I expected that a premium product would make my hair look good but often that is at the detriment of my scalp. Not so with Innersense. My scalp has actually been the best it has been for a long while, to the extend that I haven’t had to use my medicated shampoo at all (and I would usually use it once a week). Likewise I haven’t needed to put a deep conditioner treatment on at all (again another weekly application).

So what about the products. I was gifted the Pure Harmony Hairbath which is a shampoo for fine to normal hair. The brand want to present the products as more of a meditiative experience than simply washing your hair. You only need a tiny amount of this and it smells gorgeous, lathers well but more importantly rinses out completely. I often find with a lot of shampoos that there is still a claggy feel my hair even after I have rinsed it. The second product I tried was the Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, again for fine hair. You use this after the shampoo and you literally need the tiniest amount to get a good coverage.

I have used the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner a few times and this made my hair full and glossy and oddly really deepened the natural colour of my hair which in turn distracted from the silver hairs I seem to be growing these days.

Finally the Harmonic Treatment Oil. I’ll be honest I am not a fan of oils on my hair but I did use this on my legs, which a little ‘winter dry’ already and it absorbed well. I think it made a difference to the dryness but if I’m honest I’ve not been that regular with the application. However if you are a fan of these kinds of oils and the other products are anything to go by I’m sure it is lovely.

You can see more about Innersense on their website here (EU website) and here (DK website) and follow them on Instagram here

*For full disclosure I was gifted the four products by Innersense from their PR launch but the opinions are my own.

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