Beat the winter blues with a new hairstyle

I was thinking about the main questions I get asked from clients and expats I meet as I am planning to run a series of events around the main expat pain points.

One that I hear from many people, and an issue I had for probably the first five years of living here, is finding a decent hairdresser who would listen to what I actually wanted rather than just going off-road themselves. I can’t count the number of times I came home with a bad haircut and convinced myself it was Ok as it would grow. I would try salon after salon with the same results. Don’t even get me started on the old lady cut I had postpartum!

Back in 2013 I met a new expat called Sharon Hatting who was starting her own hairdressing business here and from that moment onwards all my hair angst ended. She is now established in a salon called Kesh, just on the edge of Frederiksberg and Nørrebro at Ahlmannsgade 1 kld. The location is easy to get to on the 8A bus and from this summer it will be a few steps from the new metro stations at Nuuks Plads on the new Ring Line. Over the years Sharon has become a good friend of mine as well as my talented hairdresser.

I can see from her tons of five-star reviews that I’m not alone. I read people saying with relief that they no longer have to wait until they go back to the UK to get the hair cut they want now they have discovered Sharon. She is friendly and honest about your hair but also very experienced so you always leave with a smile and renewed sense of joy about how you look. As we are currently at the beginning of at least another three months of grey winter we need this joy! Whilst Sharon is happy to speak Danish with clients the fact she is a native English speaker means that she is perfect for expats who either have no Danish or not enough to explain what they want for their hair.

I just booked my next cut and blow dry with her and my colour she did for me before Christmas is still looking super thanks to the tips she gave me.

If you a looking for a lovely new cut or colour to chase away the blues you can book an appointment with Sharon on the Kesh website or call her on 71722546.

You can follow Sharon on Facebook and Instagram.

NB this is not a sponsored post









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