Great Hairdresser Recommendation!

If you are a long time reader of this blog you will know that I have posted before about my fantastic hairdresser, Sharon Hatting. Over the years Sharon has become a good friend of mine as well as my talented hairdresser. The balayage colour she does for me never ceases to make me very happy and feel like a superstar (see my last one below). I have another in the diary to brighten me up just before Christmas.

Since the 1st of November Sharon has become one of the two hairdressers in a new salon called Kesh, just on the edge of Frederiksberg and Nørrebro at Ahlmannsgade 1 kld. The location is easy to get to, just a few steps from the new metro stations at Nuuks Plads on the new Ring Line.

The salon is brand new and has been started and is owned by a lady called Frederikke Darkner.  Kesh is quite a unique concept developed by Frederikke. She has a strong background in hairdressing with experience from around the world including working on Broadway in New York City.

As one a small number of certified green hair salons in Copenhagen, Kesh use only products from John Masters Organics and Ingredien. They are safe for both people and the environment. As a bit of an environmentalists this is a big plus point for me as well as the fact that I have eczema on my scalp and often find that I have a flair up after using certain products.

It is also a place for you to relax, located in a cosy basement and they want you to take the time to switch off and concentrate on yourself when you are there. If you wish you can place your phone in a charger in the back and forget about the world for the time you are being pampered. They also guarantee that you will be the sole focus of your hairdresser during that time as they only have one client each at a time even if you are having a colour.

In a time when we are constantly bombarded with things from our smart phones and the world around us, what they are doing at Kesh is a real refreshing change.

When I popped in last week to visit Sharon and Frederikke in the new salon and to chat about my new colour, I was delighted by the little touches around the place. Instead of the bog standard hairdressing gown you are usually put into, at Kesh you get to feel very special when they offer you one of the jewel coloured gowns made from repurposed sari materials (and the cushions in the relaxation area are also made from this fabric).

Frederikke also offers free relaxation classes with a technique called heartfulness and you can read more about that on their website.

I see whenever people review Sharon on her Facebook page the overriding sentiment is that not only does she give you a great haircut but that she really listens to what you want but also advises you if there is a better way to get the results. Sharon is able to speak in both English and Danish so language is no barrier, wherever you come from.

You can read more about the salon and make your appointment with either Sharon or Frederikke here.

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