Brush Lettering for beginners – book now!

I am organising two brush lettering for beginners workshops on the 19th September (one in the morning and one in the evening).

Lucy Blair is an experienced calligrapher based in the UK and she will be coming over to teach two identical workshops  where participants will learn brush lettering for beginners. You can read more about Lucy here.

This is the third time Lucy has been here to teach the class and they have been sell out events before. Here’s what one of the participants said:-

The workshop was well structured and a great way to try out a new craft, learning all the basics to get you started!

The class will cover the following:

  • An introduction to brush lettering including beginner skills of up and down strokes.
  • Participants will learn to create a words, layout, how to develop their own style and decorations and embellishments.
  • You will also receive a pack to take home including an instruction sheet, a small sketch pad and a Pentel Aquash brush pen.

The class will be taught over three hours in Nordhavn and costs 350dkk plus a small booking fee. The cost covers teaching time, equipment you will use during the class and the take home pack, light refreshments and plenty of hygge!This is a unique chance to learn this skill here in the city from an English speaking teacher. You will go away able to create beautiful brush calligraphy and have the skills to start to develop your own style.

The class will be taught in English, is open to adults and no experience is necessary. This is something I know a lot of people are interested in so take the chance now and book your tickets via the links below and I look forward to seeing you there!

Morning event

Evening event

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