New English Sing and Sign classes in Copenhagen

I was recently approached by a lady called Maya who is launching an English language Sing and Sign class in Vesterbro starting on September 7th. Sing and Sign is a baby signing course. I asked her to share a little bit about Sing and Sign here as I thought it would be really interesting to a lot of readers.

Learn baby signing with Sing and Sign

Both I and my children loved Sing and Sign! Because it teaches all the signs through songs and music, it makes learning them seem easy and lots of fun. Some of the songs are written especially for the course which makes it easy to include signs which relate to your everyday life with your baby, and that’s what makes it so useful; there’s a lovely song about changing your baby’s nappy, about bath time, about going to the park etc. The classes are themed, and the signs are introduced gradually. This way, by the end of the 10 week course, you have actually covered more than 100 signs without really thinking about it. However – and this really appealed to me at times – each week also focuses on just a couple of essential signs (such as ‘eat’, ‘drink’ or ‘help’) so that even frazzled parents who haven’t slept for two days feel they can walk away from class with something.

The S&S approach is that baby signing is meant to be simple, relaxed and fun, and each class always follows the same pattern so that your baby quickly feels comfortable with the format and start to anticipate what exciting thing happens next …..perhaps the instruments, the peek-a-boo box with Jessie Cat, the props bag or the picture board.After moving back to Copenhagen last year, I met several English speaking mums who said they would love to do a baby signing class if only classes were available in English. At home we were still listening to the Sing and Sign CD, and my three-year-old daughter would from time to time ask for the DVD, and as I still found myself singing along to the songs and throwing the odd sign in, I decided to look into buying the franchise. I am now the proud owner of Sing and Sign Copenhagen and will start classes in early September 2017. I’m so excited to be able to share my passion for baby signing with other parents this way, and hope to see lots of lovely mums, dads and babies in my classes!

First class: Thursday 7th September 2017 for 10 weeks (school term time only) at Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, Copenhagen V.
All classes are taught in English.
Two classes available; Thursdays at 9.45am-10.45am and 11.00am-12pm. Age group 6-14 months.
Price; 950kr including a year’s membership of Sing and Sign Online.
Lovely small classes – only 10 mums/dads/guardians plus babies per class.

For more information please visit or then choose Copenhagen under Classes near you.

4 thoughts on “New English Sing and Sign classes in Copenhagen

  1. I wish this was available when I had my youngest. I can really see the value of having an English singing and signing class for those that speak English to their children. My eldest and I attended a sing and sign in England that we both loved and it gave me a little break from the norm too. I am sure that many mums will be grateful that you shared this. 🙂

  2. Hej, this is a great idea/ class! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I have a question though, are these signs in any way related to Danish sign language or English sign language? Or are they “just” signs?

  3. Hej, this is a great idea/ class! Thank you for sharing!
    I have a question though, are these signs in any way related to Danish sign Language or English Sign Language? Or are they “just” signs?

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