The Danish love of the chaise longue sofas

I have noticed in many of the Danish homes I visit or stay in how there is a love for a sofa with a chaise longue section. When staying in a Danish home (as we are currently whilst waiting for our house to be ready) as soon as I spy this spot I commandeer it as my own. I gather the best cushions and add my cosy blankets and make myself a really hyggeligt corner – a hygge krog if you will. My legs are stretched out, my back comfortably propped up and I am facing the room (and TV when it is on). living-room-1

I am assuming this choice of sofa also has its practical merits from the high hygge quotient  and also the versatile nature of the extra bit of sofa when you have extra people to seat without needing another sofa (great when space is at a premium). We don’t currently need a new sofa unless I do a lot of convincing but when we do I see one such as these beauties with a couple of comfy chairs for the overspill of guests.


If you too like these kinds of sofas they can be spotted in Ikea (of course), BoConcept (any sofa a Mikkelsen brother has sat on is good for me as long as he comes with it), and IDEMobler

Postscript: Today marks the two year anniversary of my cycle accident, I am still not fixed and it causes me some angst so today I thought I’d think about sofas, hygge and Mads Mikkelsen instead!


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