Halloween and Autumn holiday ideas

I have been asked by a number of North American readers about places where you can trick or treat or visit a pumpkin patch here in Copenhagen. Halloween is still a fairly new phenomenon here and many Danes are little disparaging about what is perceived as an American import. Trick or treating (Slik eller Ballade) is something that doesn’t seem to be very prevalent here although I have heard of a few neighbourhoods such as Humleby where it occurs probably due the nature of this area being a small ‘village’ of little houses.


You can pick up Halloween decorations in the supermarkets and in shops like Søstrene Grene, Tiger and Ikea. You can easily get hold of big pumpkins in all the supermarkets to carve but I hadn’t found any evidence of the American type of pumpkin patch experience until literally the moment I was writing this. A recommendation was made on one of the expat forums for this place. The website doesn’t mention pumpkins at the moment but it’s worth a try in a few weeks. If nothing else the apple and pear picking sounds good. (If you have any recommendations do post in the comment section so the information is easy for other readers to access). The next best thing is a visit to Tivoli for their Halloween opening. The park is filled with pumpkins, pumpkin men, a spooky village and the biggest pumpkin in Denmark competition. It is a bit cheesy but I love to go.

The autumn school holidays fall in the middle of October and there is plenty to do around this time to enjoy the autumn rather than Halloween. Here are my picks.

Kulturnatten happens in the evening of 9th October and loads of cultural places across the city will be open for the night. There are a number of early events from about 6pm which are aimed at children who may not want to stay up too late. I like the sound of Harry Potter Wizard School (I think this is in Danish), a workshop to create Japanese fans at the Design Museum and build your own telescope at Tycho Brahe Planetarium (these all came up under events in English when I searched, here are the other events that came up).

Carlsberg are also running what they are calling Children Friendly Halloween Days over the autumn break with a spooky treasure hunt, murky cellar tour, Halloween crafts, rides in the drays and a meal of maggots in sauce (which may or may not be pasta) and witches’ brew. For children 4-12. Ticket can be bought at the Brand Store.

All week the Danish Architecture Centre will be running a Lego workshop. You need to book a place for you and your child at this and do it soon as it is getting booked up fast. We had a great time last year.

The Frilands Museum in Lyngby will be running a historical fair all week with reenactments and entertainment.

The Zoologisk Museum has a special whale exhibition where they will be opening a special basement area which houses one of the largest collections of large whale skeletons, including a giant blue whale.

If you are looking for some super cool pumpkins then head to Louisiana for the Yayai Kusama exhibition.

H Exhibition at Cisternerne sounds a little spooky so this could be a slightly alternative way to enjoy Halloween.

There are also children’s workshops taken place at Arken in Ishøj.

Visit Copenhagen also have a great round-up of autumn activities in the city for all ages here.

3 thoughts on “Halloween and Autumn holiday ideas

  1. Greetings! I’m sorry if this message had already been sent – I’ve been having one of these technology challenged days! I love this article, but I’m having getting more information, specifically with the Lego Event at the Design Ventre and the Carlsbeth events. So, the Desigh Centre is no longer open to the public! I then checked the Design Museum, but the website didn’t have anything listed and I didn’t have any luck reaching anyone on the phone.
    Then with Carlsberg, it was basically the same – no luck with finding I for. On the website or reaching a human on the phone. Do you have any more details on either of these? I would truly appreciate any help!
    Thank you in advance,

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