Pinterest Project – Herb pots

I am addicted to Pinterest (you can find me here) and I pin many crafting projects so I thought it was about time I actually stepped away from the iPad and made something.

I drink a lot of peppermint tea from Løv so accumulate a number of their beautiful tins (it is a shame you can buy the tea loose). I can’t bear to recycle them so I decided to follow some of the pins I liked to use them as herb pots.

I wasn’t able to get hold of herbs seeds here in Denmark so late in the season but I had some sent to me from France. I hammered holes in the bottom of the tins, crunched up some free newspaper and filled the tins with compost left over from an Ikea seed set (so apart from the seeds everything I used I had already at home) and planted the seeds. I chose herbs I used the most; basil, coriander and mint (which chose not to grow).

pinterst 1

A few weeks of sun and watering on my window sill, I had a flourishing herb garden. Hopefully I can use the tins again to grow more as the autumn progresses as our window gets a lot of light and sun.



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