Welcome to Dejlige Days

My name is Melanie and in 2008 my husband and I moved to Copenhagen. I hadn’t visited the city before I agreed to move but it proved to be the best decision ever for us. We enjoyed life in the city and had our son in Frederiksberg Hospital in October 2009. In 2011 circumstance moved us to Berlin and I launched my blog, Expat Mummy in Berlin, which gave me to push to get out and explore a new city which I wasn’t entirely happy to be living in. It also, over the ten months I wrote it, enjoyed a regular and growing readership and still exists as a popular reference tool for other expat parents in Berlin. I was delighted that it gave me the chance to write for a number of other blogs including Luvaville.com (I was the Berlin insider), Babyccino, EasyJet Travel blog to name a few.

We are now back living in Copenhagen and plan to stay here for as long as we can. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences here on this blog in a similar way to my Berlin blog but with a broader outlook. So, this is my new venture in blogging and I am excited about it – partly because I get to blog about living in a city I love – Copenhagen – and I get to expand on my blogging subjects so here I will write about things that interest me as an expat living in Denmark for the second time; as a mother; as a woman; as a book reader, internet explorer, a photographer and an enjoyer of life – hence the name of the blog, a hybrid of Danish and English (Danglish if you will) happy days.

There will be regular features here which proved popular on Expat Mummy (and that aren’t Berlin specific) plus my favourite places and also new discoveries, books, websites and shopping tips, things about Danish life and lots of photos.

I hope you enjoy what you see here….

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